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This Agent’s Advice to Every Homebuyer

This Agent’s Advice to Every Homebuyer

When Florida Realtor Jordan Feria was getting her real estate license she discovered a little known homebuyer hack. Now she’s sharing it with every first-time homebuyer — and her business is growing as a result.

As a young mom and aspiring homebuyer herself, Jordan knew first hand the challenges of new homebuyers. It can be overwhelming — from the homeownership process to saving for a down payment.

Jordan headshot“I heard about down payment assistance in the past, but I never thought it was real to be honest,” confessed Jordan. “When I learned more, it blew my mind. It seemed too good to be true.”

She began to look into down payment assistance for herself, but Jordan thought there might be a catch or that she wouldn’t qualify.

“I found a loan officer who works with the program. She took my hand and guided me through it,” said Jordan. “Now I send my clients to her!”

Jordan used the Florida Home Sweet Home Program combined with a Mortgage Credit Certificate when she became a homebuyer two years ago. The programs provided a $7,500 zero interest, second mortgage for the down payment and a $2,000 tax credit for the life of the loan. She closed on her own home the same month she got her license. keep reading

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