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How This Reporter’s Research Led to Homeownership

How This Reporter’s Research Led to Homeownership

When Zirconia Alleyne, editor of the Kentucky New Era, began working a news story about the Kentucky Housing Corporation’s $10,000 down-payment assistance program she didn’t know it would help her reach her own homeownership goal. Now she’s a homeowner before 30.

She recently shared her story in a column. Her message to other aspiring homebuyers?

  • Research what might be available so you can buy sooner.
  • Find a lender and real estate agent who will support you.
  • Invest in yourself — homeownership has benefits for both you and your community.

You’ll be inspired by this new Kentucky homeowner.

Here’s her story first-hand

I did it: I bought my first house, on my own merit, before I turned 30. This goal has been on my mind for a few years now, but the chances of it happening were looking grim. I mean, what 20-something has 20% for a house down payment saved amid student loan payments, car payments, rent and general life expenses? Not this one.

It’s no surprise that journalists are not rolling in dough, and saving for a down payment on your own is not easy.

I had started to push the goal down the road, until I began reporting on the Kentucky Housing Corporation‘s $10,000 down-payment assistance program through its Hardest Hit Fund. keep reading

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