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Buying a new home? Find out if it qualifies for down payment help.

Buying a new home? Find out if it qualifies for down payment help.

f you have your heart set on purchasing a new construction home you aren’t alone. With low inventory of existing homes for sale in many parts of the country, new construction demand is heating up.

As you consider financing a new construction home, take time to look into state and local down payment assistance programs that may help make the home more affordable. That’s right, your new home may be eligible for down payment help.

New construction homes may qualify

Homeownership programs primarily base eligibility on a home’s location and home price. That means if one new home in a development qualifies, it’s likely all of them do.

Some programs are only available for existing homes — they might be targeting revitalization and rehab in a certain market. However, many homeownership programs allow for both existing homes and new construction homes. And, in those cases, the maximum sales price requirements are generally higher for new construction.

Take Georgia’s HomeStretch program for example. The property may not cost more than $181,000 for an existing home or $233,000 for new construction.

Other ways to save?

You can also ask the builder about other incentives such as seller paid closing costs and allowances for fixtures and decor.


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